Safety Wagon Journey


KS Industrial Trades (KSIT) Commenced With Mr Ankit Jain As Its Leader, In The Year 2012. With constant motivation, drudgery and teamwork with experts and strivers under the same roof, it has successfully managed to make a name for itself in the years that followed. KSIT, today in fact is much sought after when it comes to Integrated Electronic Security. This approval and appreciation is not only confined to a specific city, but stretches to cover the entire Central India. What has given KSIT the leading edge over all these years are the quality assurance of products, unparalleled designs and relentlessness when it comes to innovation in integrating of concepts.

Another feather to the cap was added when KSIT launched SafetyWagon, an online portal from where multitude of safety apparatus can be purchased, CCTV, fire alarms, biometric systems to name a few.

SafetyWagon operates clinging to the belief of being the best rather than the largest. We also believe in providing eminent services to our client, making client discontentedness in clients out of question. Our adepts are well- versed not only with first- rate technologies, but also in assuring that your experience and faith remains unwavered.

Our Mission

We work to provide security to our customers to ensure safety for a peaceful life.The needs and wants of all the clients are met with topnotch values and services. We promise to leave no stone unturned to ensure that we are there for our Clients.

Our Vision

To attain and maintain the name of being the “best security solution provider in all the boundaries of this nation”